Alterkine: Planetary Survey RPG Pathfinder

Created by Jeff Becker

Alterkine: Planetary Survey RPG Pathfinder
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69 backers pledged $3,675.00 on Kickstarter

Dozens of new races complete with planetary stats and strange new locations for your Pathfinder/d20 campaign.

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$3,675.00 / 69 backers
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Estimated Shipping Date: October 2016
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A Randomly Selected Picture of One of My Dogs.
This is just a sample of some of the cuteness you will get!
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Pin Pack
You will get all 3 pins
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Random Stuff
Who knows what you'll get!? Might be some nuts and bolt mixed with minis and dice, or some eraser... more »
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Planetary Survey
My newest book filled with dozens of new races. Each section contains complete system stats, info... more »
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GM Screen
The front will feature the art work of Stephen McAndrews while the back features quick reference ... more »
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Exclusive Wallpaper
Check out the pretty art by my bud Stephen McAndrews!
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Thank You From My Dogs
Dogs are awesome! They'll even sign the note with a paw or nose print :)
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The Ones We Were
A quick little module by Josh Vogt for 4 level 4-6 characters. A crazy mutant lives deep beneat... more »
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Player's Handbook
The first book in the Alterkine, the Player's Handbook contains dozens of mutations, cybernetics,... more »
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The follow up to the Player's Handbook, Dossier contains tons of new class options and 3 new clas... more »
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Map Pack
A series of 5 maps so your heroes have somewhere to meet, explore, and fight.
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Figure Flats
Print on demand minis of several beasts and PCs.
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A Race in Your Honor
I will design a new alien race in your honour. You can give suggestions or leave it all up to me.... more »
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A Handful of Pine Needles
Genuine pine needles from here in Wyoming!
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Book of Concept Art
A book collecting the concept art for Planetary Survey. Some of the evolutions of races are amazi... more »
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A Cool Rock From My Yard
Look how sparkly. I can't guarantee they will all look like this. Some might be shiny, or differe... more »
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A Poorly Hand-Drawn Picture
I think the picture speaks for itself. But at least it will be a good conversation piece. It migh... more »
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Untitled Campaign
This is a preorder for an Untitled Campaign currently in the works taking you from level 1 to 10,... more »
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Set of Dice and Bag
A full set of dice and an Alterkine dice bag. Colors may vary.
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Got a product you want others to know about? Buy some ad space and let people know. Available in ... more »

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